Now THAT’S Snow!

Winter storm Euclid hit western New York State yesterday. I went out early in the day to get my groceries, and by the time I got home at about 11AM the snow started. It never stopped. When I went to bed 12 hours later it was snowing just as hard.

So when I got up this morning I knew I’d be greeted by quite a bit of snow. I wanted to walk the dog a bit, and figured the road was our only hope – the snow in the driveway would be too deep for him, and the road had likely been plowed at some point during the storm.

I put on my boots & gaitors to slog through and make a path for my little guy, but I was still surprised by the depth of it all. Here are the tracks I made.
snow tracks

They don’t really tell the story very well, though. So after the dog & I walked on the road for a bit and I got the mail that was delivered yesterday, I went back in the house for a yardstick. Check this out.

snow measure

I had planned to work today, but my plans have now changed. My little Yaris isn’t going anywhere until I get a plow up here. Those 14″ are unadulterated snow – there’s much more at the bottom of the driveway where the plow dung has piled up. I’ll call my plow guy as soon as we reach a reasonable time of day – 6:30AM isn’t it.

While it was snowing I knit 2 hats for my grandson. No surprise that most of the adorable hats he had last year, knit by a few people and store-bought, were outgrown; it just hadn’t occurred to me to make him more hats this year. So now I did.

Like most knitters/crocheters/weavers, I have a stash of plenty of yarn. I just had to go to the cupboard and see what I had that appealed to me. Then go online and find free patterns. Or find patterns first and then check out the yarn. For the first hat I started with pattern first, for a cone hat. Pattern from Lion Brand yarn, and their chunky Homespun yarn. It’s not my fav yarn but I liked the pattern & knew it’d work up really quickly.

pointy hat

Then I modified a simple striped hat in red (a favorite color of the boy) and white.

flat striped hat

I’m going to wrap these up and get them out to the mailbox today. Hope they fit his little head.

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