It’s Surreal

surreal rayon boucle handwoven scarves

I’ve had some of Tammy’s hand painted rayon boucle yarn in my stash for a while, and decided now was the time to use it. I build little ‘treats’ for myself, something I’ll let myself do when I reach a certain point. In this case, I decided I wouldn’t let myself use all that delicious new hand painted bamboo cotton yarn till I’d used up the rayon boucle.

Tammy’s surreal colorway is one that has looked quite different depending on the fiber. Sometimes it really speaks to me, sometimes it’s too dark for my personal tastes. The latter was the case with the rayon boucle, which is why it sat for so long. “Make it better,” I told myself.

I played Goldilocks for a bit.
At the top I used the same warp as weft. Too dark.
At the bottom I used a hand painted wisteria weft. Too light.
In the middle I used a turquoise bamboo weft. Just right. Unfortunately, I didn’t think I had enough of the turquoise to weave the entire scarf, so I had to be creative. I wove with about 25″ of turquoise at each end of the scarf, with a navy in the center. I’ve not done this before, but I think I like it. At least this time.

Now I can start on the bamboo cotton!

Your turn: do you set yourself up with goals and give yourself treats when you reach them?

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