Weaving with Sapphires

The title of this post implies that I somehow used semi-precious gemstones in my handwoven scarves. That is misleading. Instead, I wove with a bamboo-cotton blend in a hand painted colorway Tammy calls Sapphires.

bamboo cotton handwoven scarves, sapphires

I don’t think I’ve used this colorway in the past, but I’m sure I’ll be going back to it in the future. Being a gemtones girl, these colors call to me.

When given a choice among three scarves on the same warp but with different wefts, I usually choose the one with the most purple first, and the one with the same variegated weft as warp last. But not this time.

The scarf on the bottom, with the lilac weft, is my least favorite of the three. I can’t decide if I prefer the middle scarf, woven with a teal weft, or the top one with that Sapphires weft.

I think it’s the enhancement of three warp colors that pushed me into appreciating the scarf with the variegated weft. But then, this is always true of those hand painted wefts. So what’s different about this blend that makes me like the faux plaid look? I really have no idea.

While I was weaving we had one of those interesting spring storms that produces lots of hail as well as rain. It might be the biggest hail I’ve ever personally experienced. You can see it piling up next to my propane tank as the pachysandra stands tall nearby.
hail piling up

Meanwhile, the gardens I’ve already weeded & mulched were getting their own sprinkling of white on the darker mulch.
hail in the garden

It looked interesting, and didn’t make me worry about the plants since the temperature wasn’t too cold. As it turned out, nothing was harmed at my house. I was glad that my car was safely tucked in the garage, and heard that some people had lots of dings on their vehicles post-storm. Others never saw a bit of hail. All within a radius of just a few miles. It was very isolated, which is always interesting to me.

Your turn: what weather patterns choose tiny regions near you?

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