Eep eep, quack quack

Now that the gifts have been given, I can do the Christmas gift reveals.

Back in June, before Rusty was even born, Amanda told me that he needed hats for Christmas. She even sent me a link to an Etsy seller who would sell me patterns that she liked. I went ahead and purchased the patterns, even though they were all crochet and I prefer knitted garments. Being busy weaving, I sat on the patterns for months, finally getting the yarn I needed in October.

The first hat I made was a monkey. I don’t have a model of a baby’s head at home, finally settling on a roll of paper towels to approximate the size of Rusty’s head.

crocheted monkey hat

It’s nowhere near as cute on the paper towels as it is on Rusty!
monkey Rusty
I’m really happy with the way this hat fits, if not its crocheted stiffness. And the earflaps will keep him nice and warm.

I didn’t want to crochet 3 hats, so I did some online searches for knitted baby hats. There were so many to choose from I had a hard time making a decision. I settled on a white duck hat with a pattern from P2Designs.
knitted duck hat
This one is definitely something Rusty will have to grow in to. I’m guessing by the time it fits him it will be the totally wrong season to wear it.
ducky Rusty

Santa was also bringing Rusty a little sled for Christmas, so I wanted to make him a knitted cap with earflaps for when he went sledding. I liked the concept of the top-down hat,so when I was buying the yarn for the duck’s bill, I bought a coordinating variegated yarn. I added the earflaps, making them from the variegated yarn.
knitted earflap hat

This one fits Rusty perfectly right now, so will barely last the winter, I’m sure.
earflap Rusty

As you can see, Rusty is a very willing model. This little boy has many hats, and surely didn’t need three more for Christmas, but I enjoyed making them, nonetheless. I also enjoyed learning new knitting techniques – German twisted cast on, Magic Loop knitting, and knitting an I cord.

That’s enough of my knitting for now – stay tuned for more Christmas creativity in a few days.

Your turn: did you give any gifts you made this Christmas?

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