Warm Heads, Warm Hearts

I know that the old saying is really warm hands, warm hearts, but for my Christmas giving this year, I modified it to hats. Starting with Rusty’s three hats, I was in the hat-making zone. And enjoying it.

Amanda saw a pattern she loved for a 16-cable hat. While international issues made getting the pattern an interesting challenge, I was ultimately successful in doing so. I bought some really lovely baby lama yarn for the hat. Since my yarn was finer than the pattern called for, I had to use smaller needles. I thought I had the gauge all worked out, but when the hat was completely finished, I wasn’t happy with the shape. I completely took it apart and added another set of 26 stitches (1 cable pattern) to make it be right. Amanda & I were both quite pleased with the results.
knitted lama hat, side view
knitted lama hat, top view
Amanda in lama hat

Her sweet hubby rarely wears a hat, but I decided he needed one anyway. After much deliberation (and Amanda’s input), I selected a reversible hat in dark colors for him.
reversible hat, solid side
reversible hat, side view
reversible hat, top view
I used Patons Kroy sock yarn for the multi-colored side, and was pleased with how the variegation worked up. I also really liked the pattern‘s method for decreasing for the top – a very clean look. I didn’t get a picture of Ryan in the hat.

I sure didn’t want to leave Michael out of the hat gift, but had to think about fiber. He’s had plenty of opportunities to wear a hat made of a wool blend, and has always declined – too scratchy for his sensitive pate. I settled on a microfiber (what is that, really? Just a nice-sounding way of saying completely man-made stuff?) Deborah Norville variegation in colors that I thought he’d like.
knitted sockyarn hat, side view
knitted sockyarn hat, top view
This is also a sock yarn. It worked just great for this hat, giving me just the look I was going for, although I can’t imagine making socks out of it — way to slouchy & shapeless. I got another free pattern online for it. I had taken a picture of Michael in the hat, but the lighting was all wrong.

I was really thrilled when Amanda told me a few days later that she’d received compliments on her hat when she was running errands, and that both Ryan & Michael were wearing their hats without any encouragement. It made my little heart sing!

Your turn: did you give gifts this Christmas that pleased both you and the recipient?

2 comments to Warm Heads, Warm Hearts

  • Louise Dorking

    Hi, I came across your lovely blog, and wondered if you sold the pattern (for the 16 cable hat (in English))?

    It’s winter here in New Zealand, and would be the perfect project for me right now.

    Thank you for your help,

    Warm Regards,

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