Autumn Rayon Scarves

I know, I know, I raved about my new favs a few short weeks ago. And now I’m changing my mind. But only partially.

People really liked the burgundy and the green wefts in those scarves, and bought them both at my last show. So I decided I’d better get some more woven. I liked […]

Handwoven Rayon Chenille Scarves

When I use variegated yarn in my handwoven textiles, which is very often, I usually buy Tammy’s wonderful hand painted yarn. Every now and then space-dyed yarns just call to me, and I must succumb to their voices.

Before you ask, I have NO idea why space-dyed yarns are called that. All I know is […]

Parallel Weaving

Carmi’s photographic challenge this week is parallel. Weaving is nothing if not full of parallel lines. It was impossible for me to limit myself to one photo, so here are several.

I’d just finished winding these threads on the back beam of my counterbalance loom when I shot this. The colors of this to-be-woven […]