Autumn Rayon Scarves

I know, I know, I raved about my new favs a few short weeks ago. And now I’m changing my mind. But only partially.

People really liked the burgundy and the green wefts in those scarves, and bought them both at my last show. So I decided I’d better get some more woven. I liked the burgundy weft way better than the green myself, and I’m the one who needs to be kept happiest with my weaving, so I made two handwoven rayon scarves in the same pattern with the burgundy weft.

But I didn’t want to make 3 the same, so what was I going to do with that third scarf on the loom to make it look different AND really appeal to me? After a few attempts at looks that didn’t thrill me, I hit upon a winner. I used three threads together as the weft, winding the gold, orange, and light green from the warp stripes onto the bobbin at the same time. (FYI, I don’t really recommend this, as one color invariably ends up tighter or looser than the others, but I didn’t want to use three shuttles. ‘Cuz I’m lazy. So I dealt with it.)

I love the newest scarf best of all!

I know that computer monitors can’t really give you everything in terms of depth of color, or even accurate color in many cases, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that looking at this scarf is like looking at the western New York hillsides. At least the ones by me that have already shed the red maples. I just love the complexity that using those three colors of yarn together gave the scarf. Because I used three yarns, it’s a bit heavier than the burgundy, but IMHO that makes it even nicer, since it’s getting chilly.

I’m not going to try to post any of my newest scarves to my website right now — if I wait a few weeks I’ll know what I have left in stock after my next two shows. Seems like the smart and time-efficient thing to do.

Your turn: have the trees in your area put on their autumn shows yet?

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