More Orange Cashmere Scarves

As planned, I tried preparing a warp for three scarves using two cones at a time to measure it.

I was THRILLED!!! The warp went on the loom like a charm! Not a glitch, not a hitch, not a problem for the 8.5 yard length! It was as easy as beaming the bamboo, the […]

Welcome Visitors

I love living in the middle of nowhere. I get to see nature up close & personal. In the last few weeks I’ve seen a red fox dashing across my yard, watched turkey vultures soaring effortlessly overhead, and (don’t tell my sisters – they get nervous) a bear crossing the road a few hundred yards […]

Honeysuckle Vine

My dialup and limited time had caused me to stop visiting Carmi’s site, but I’m getting back in the habit.

His photo theme this week is orange. Although I missed capturing almost all of the July photos this year, I did catch a few good ones.

This honeysuckle vine really draws the hummingbirds to […]

Great Weaving Video!!!

One of my must-visit blogs is Laura’s Loom. Laura’s a very experienced weaver, and although everything she does isn’t in my style or repertoire, I find her both interesting and informative.

She’s just posted a few videos on YouTube, and now that I have high speed, I could actually check them out. I was really […]

Wildflower Beauty

After weeks of not being able to do any walking outside of my house, I’ve been gradually extending my outdoor activity. I’m up to walking twice a day, 1/2 mile round trip each time. I’m sure I could walk farther if I live on flat land, but I don’t, and those downhills are difficult. (Much […]