Knox Fiber Farm

On Saturday, before the bee man came, I headed to East Aurora to the Knox Farm Fiber Festival. I’d never been to the Knox Farm State Park before, and was looking forward to the visit.

stone-wallIt wasn’t hard to figure out that I was almost there when I saw what seemed like miles of stone wall. I don’t have any idea if this wall was built by the famous Knox family while they owned it, or the wall was built by the CCC or WPA, like the gorgeous stone walls at Letchworth State Park.

alpacaSeveral people brought alpacas. I’ve tried to convince Margaret that she needs to get an alpaca ‘cuz they’re so cute & I’d love to visit one. She just laughs.

Plenty of people there had yarn for sale — in addition to alpaca there was sheep’s wool and blends, pretty much all wool based. Although I do make some handwoven scarves with wool, I find that most of my customers prefer cotton, bamboo, or rayon, so I didn’t buy any wool while I was there.

mini-pumpkinsI did buy some mini-pumpkins to use in my display at the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Festival. Come and visit my booth!

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  • Judy T

    There was a great article in the Buffalo news today about raising alpacas and how gentle and sweet they are. I was shocked by the prices the “high-end” alpacas commanded though – I think one was $3500. Wow! No wonder Margaret wasn’t interested.

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