Marching ahead

Somehow it’s a whole month since my last post, despite my intentions and efforts. I was pushing myself to finish some things in the last few weeks, which kept me away from my computer. But let’s not focus on the negative.

I took the photo above on February 10. Those snowdrops were quite brave, as we had plenty of both very cold temps and snow after that. Since they’re not mine and I didn’t record the address where I snapped the image, I can’t tell you how they made out, but I am seeing lots of snowdrops on my morning walks now, in early March, so I know plenty of these little lovelies made it.

What was I so busy with? I finally admitted to myself that the USPS was never going to find the package I’d mailed on 12/18. So I remade both the placemats and the handknit fingerless mitts, filed for a refund of the shipping & insurance coverage, and sent off a new package. Along with his thank you, my nephew kindly sent me a photo of the placemats on his table.

I made a batch of 10 more bead bags, although I apparently forgot to photograph them. I THOUGHT I had taken a picture, but it’s nowhere to be found. Not even in my recently deleted file. Oh well.

At a customer’s request I wove a batch of 9 more crackle towels. We kept in close contact throughout the process, and within hours of me listing them in my Etsy store she’d purchased 7 of the them.

After those two weaves I immediately warped my loom for some black & white gradient scarves in Tencel.

The Copper Shop Gallery at the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora had sold some items I’d sent them in November, so I wanted to send them a few more. A scarf from this warp seemed like a seller to me. Here are the 4 items that finally made it into the mail today.

They got the gradient scarf with white weft. I also wove 2 more. Personally, the blue is my favorite, but I think the black & white will move faster. We’ll see.

Not something I made but instead something I just think is too sweet not to share. This vintage tablecoth is hand emboidered. I’m pretty sure it came from my mother’s, but I don’t think she made it either. Maybe my sister knows???

Now I have to go pick up my grandson from school, and if I don’t hit Publish RIGHT NOW this post will continue to linger.

2 comments to Marching ahead

  • Judy

    Love those placemats you made… so very colorful! I’m sure the little ones love all the color in them. And your Lots O’Block towels are quite wonderful!I agree that the black and white gradient tencil will likely move very fast, but I hope they all do.
    My snowdrops have been in full bloom for a week now and are always a beautiful sight after winter, but it makes me nervous that my Lilac has leafed out already and I have opening buds on roses , hydrangeas, and many other bushes already. And seeing Robins in early March also seems worrisome. Hopefully they haven’t all been fooled by the weather and can survive a possible streak of freezing weather that may come our way.
    That vintage tablecloth is really sweet… I don’t recall ever seeing it before, but it is possible that Mom did the embroidery as remember her doing a bit of it when we were young.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks so much – you are always so complimentary! Yes, I’m not at all worried about things like daffodils and snowdrops – they will return next year no matter what. The freezes and hard frosts that are sure to still come to Western New York pose real threats to grapes, fruit trees, and more. I hope our local farmers aren’t devastated, and that we will have local produce available.

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