And then what?

Life. How did my life get so busy in my retirement? Or perhaps the appropriate question is how did I ever find time to work, especially knowing that I rarely worked *only* 40 hours/week? I don’t have the answer, but I do know that I am indeed busy. For the most part I am busy doing things that I enjoy: gardening, reading, spending time with family (including four-legged), dancing, and weaving. But somehow the days just fly by.

This is what Jack looked like on the afternoon of October 30.

Poor little guy had dental surgery – 13 teeth had to be removed. This after he had 14 removed a few years ago. Since dogs have 42 teeth he still has several left. I’m hoping that after he heals he will allow me to begin brushing what’s left to try to save them. IMO teeth brushing needs to begin young in order to get the dog to adapt to it. Jack is so easy-going you’d think I would have taught him how years ago, but since I don’t like to do it, I simply let it go when he resisted. Bad dog mom.

The vet said he didn’t think a soft cone was advisable because he thought Jack would still be able to scratch/paw at his mouth when it itched as it healed. Once I saw how sad he was with that hard plastic cone, and how difficult it was for him to navigate (with just one eye he kept ramming into things which could not have been comfortable), I decided to use the soft cone I had anyway. Not as good as no cone, but much better.

I realized I had it on upside down in the photo and corrected it. Anyway, the follow morning a vet tech called to ask how Jack was doing, and told me that as long as I was with him he didn’t have to wear the cone at all, but he did need it at night. So that’s what we’ve been doing and will keep it up for 4-5 more days.

This was the scene out my front door on Wednesday, November 1…the morning after trick or treating. I found it beautiful but chilly. Especially since just a handful of days ago the temperature was in the 70s. Yep, I live in western New York alright.

Back to the time-gets-away-from-me theme, I thought I had two+ weeks between the ArtFest show and the Guild show. Not really true. I had to submit my complete & detailed inventory online just three days later. So that was when I had to commit to what I was going to put in the show. Several things weren’t yet made, and I had one week after that to get things made & tagged. Given the very well organized sale, with consistent label formats for all 50 artists/crafters & UPC codes, just creating and affixing those tags takes hours all by itself. So I had to really make my fingers fly. I was beaming this warp for towels on a Monday, and the towels had to be woven, wet finished, and hemmed by the following Tuesday.

I did make that happen, but didn’t get any photos of those towels. I also sewed up eight microwave bowl cozies. Actually nine, since there were problems with one of them so I knew it wouldn’t be accepted and I had to re-make it.

I had made four of these wrapped ornaments for the ArtsFest show, and although they drew little attention there, I was hopeful for the Guild show so made two more.

So. I submitted 50 items for the Guild show. All were accepted. That nubbly cream jacket and coordinating shawl, another shawl, and three scarves; the felted slippers, the above bowl cozies and ornaments, and 29 towels. I worked two shifts as cashier at the sale yesterday, so I know that several of my towels, two of the scarves, and some (four?) of the bowl cozies sold. I’m not working there today but will be back tomorrow afternoon, and then will get the final count on what I’m bringing back home with me.

Maybe I’ll have time now to plant my garlic and dig the glad and canna bulbs for storage. Mow the lawn and shred the leaves that have landed on it. Clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen and studio. You know…the unending tasks that life requires.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping my fingers busy making Christmas gifts for family & friends. I have four things identified and the beginning made; seeking inspiration for more, especially gifts for men and for children. I hope if you have any ideas on those you’ll leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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