Late July, 2023

I’ve accomplished a lot in the last few weeks. First up, I wove and finished 8 Fun Stripe towels. I just posted them in my Etsy shop. I saw some towels that used a draft called Dianne’s Awesome Rainbows and posted in Blazing Shuttles Chatter Facebook group by Jean Eldridge Flores. It called to me. I made just the tiniest modification, changing to blocks of 4 instead of blocks of 3, and went to town! Every block of 4 stripes in both warp and weft is a different color, so these towels took much longer to make than is typical for me. That would usually make me not like them so much, but not these towels. I really like them. A lot. I know that my newest creation is often my favorite, so I am trying to remember that.

Look how totally SMASHING this would look with black as the primary color instead of natural! I may have to do that sometime, but probably not for kitchen towels. Maybe as shawls?

I also finished that second jacket, with some lovely, nubbly, undyed yarn. This one will be for sale…hopefully it will speak to someone.

nubbly cream jacket, front

I spent A TON of time on the finishing of my red jacket, deciding on and then making the closures, and couldn’t do that for this one that’s for sale. So I opted for a magnetic closure with a simple button for looks, one that’d I’d made from polymer clay some years ago. I’m happy with it.

nubbly cream jacket, inside

I didn’t plan how the various weft options would fall, it just happened. If I think about it, I may try to do that on my next jacket. I’m kind of sorry that the stripes are mostly on the front and the individual inlays are mostly on the back. Although they take the most time, they are my favorite look and I wish there was a bit more of them on the front. You can just see tiny bits of them on the collar/flaps on the front. C’est la vie.

nubbly cream jacket, back

I have quite a length left over. Will I finish it for a regular shawl? A mobius? Something else? I don’t yet know, and would welcome your input.

leftover nubbly warp 1
leftover nubbly warp 2
leftover nubbly warp, wrapped

I also sewed bead bags for July. All this batch needs is the ribbon threaded through the top casing.

July 2023 bead bags

Then, because I apparently don’t have enough commitments (LOL), I decided to take a 3-session beginning embroidery class at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center. It’s the first time it’s been offered, and I do like this teacher. I knew if she didn’t get enough students the class would be cancelled, so I registered.

I learned to embroider as a pre-teen. In the (MANY) intervening years, I’ve done stamped cross stitch, other stamped embroidery, counted cross stitch, and probably others that aren’t occurring to me at the moment. I was therefore a bit surprised to learn new things in this class. :-0 Here’s the output of the first 2 classes. I still have to do my ‘homework’ before the 3rd and last class which will take place this Friday.

embroidery class work

As always, I’ve been line dancing with THE BEST group of people EVER, and kayaking. I even got my 7-year-old grandson out kayaking twice in a little plastic sit-on kayak. I hope we can do a few more adventures when he gets back from family vacation.

8 comments to Late July, 2023

  • Rosemary Anzicek

    I also would love to have the draft for your Fun Stripe towels. Could you email me the draft or offer the draft on your page with a $$. I really enjoy seeing all your work and activities. Thanks, Rose

    • Peg Cherre

      I am not comfortable sharing a draft that another weaver created. Join the Facebook group Blazing Shuttles Chatter and look in the files for Diane’s Awesome Rainbow Towels.

  • Liz Arthur

    Peg, The link to the draft forcthe Fun Stripe towels does not work. I’d love to have this draft.

    Where can I find it?


    • Peg Cherre

      I am not comfortable sharing a draft that another weaver created. Join the Facebook group Blazing Shuttles Chatter and look in the files for Diane’s Awesome Rainbow Towels.

  • Judy Tutuska

    Your towels are lovely, and wow… what an eye catch it would be with black rather than natural! Your newest jacket is really wonderful and I bet it doesn’t last long before it’s sold. How fun to be doing embroidery again… and how cool that you got your littlest one out kayaking with you. I bet he loved that! I love the joy that your dancing brings you and am especially happy that you found such wonderful folks to dance with! Always have fun!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks for all your compliments. I really will have to weave something with the black – but towels? Do people want black kitchen towels??? Kayaking with the grand is a bit tricky, but I will try it again if he’s game. Gonna head out myself this morning. 😉 And dancing with this group? It’s the best!

  • Love your towels. Is there supposed to be a link to the draft? Nothing comes up.
    Your jacket is very fun.

    • Peg Cherre

      Ah, Cindie – the draft link was blocked. From a Facebook group. So I will email my VERY SLIGHTLY modified draft to you, and credit the original creator.

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