8 Ukraine support towels, swirled

People can surprise me in wonderful ways as well as in horrid ways.

On Tuesday I listed a batch of 8 Ukraine support towels in my Etsy shop. Yesterday I took one of them to my Guild meeting for show & tell. Told them I’d already been able to donate $250 and would keep weaving these towels as long as people wanted them.

Before I left that meeting, I had orders for 6 of those 8! WOW!!

So I just placed an order for more of that yellow and blue yarn. And now I have to figure out how to show them as ‘pending’ or something similar in my Etsy shop, since I want the listing to stay visible while I weave more. Anyone know how to do this?

8 Ukraine support towels, folded


On a completely different note, a friend of mine went to visit her brother who she hadn’t seen since before Covid. I offered to watch her dogs (Shih Tzus) while she was gone. She’s coming home today and I’m sure they’ll be really excited to see her. But I had to show you pictures of these 2 cuties.

Here you can see them comfortable in their beds.
Bella & Gunner asleep in their beds

Even this shot doesn’t show their little faces, but I put their sweaters on for the morning walk when it was snowing a bit.
Bella & Gunner in sweaters

Although I think Jack will be happy to be an only dog again, everyone got along well.

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