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I finished that warp of 9 towels in the random Fibonacci stripe pattern. Used 6 different wefts and treadled just 2 different twills. Four of them – not sure which ones yet – will go to our Guild’s towel exchange.

Fibonacci towels on the line

Don’t they make a lovely fall flower?

Fibonacci towels flower arrangement


My son has totally inspired me this year. He’s been canning like mad. Even bought himself a used pressure canner so he’ll be able to can venison this year. :-O So I decided to make and can a big batch of ciambotta – an Italian veggie stew sort of thing.

Although the veggies are certainly changeable, in my family there are a few must-haves. Of course, every good Italian recipe starts with sauteing onions & garlic. The only other essential ingredients are fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and green beans. Now is absolutely the season for farm-fresh of those 3 items. I picked up extra of them at the farmer’s market and got busy. I added chopped celery and sweet red peppers to the saute, then tossed in a bunch of tomatoes – red and yellow – and the green beans. Chopped up and tossed in fresh parsley and basil from the garden and some salt & pepper. Last in was the zucchini because I didn’t want it to turn into mush.

ciambotta in pot

I covered the pot, stirred often, and brought it up to a point when it was all at a slow boil. Then right into the waiting canner. And voila! 5-1/2 quarts of ciambotta.

ciambotta in jars

I hope I processed it for long enough. With the tomato base I processed as if I was canning tomatoes, so 45 minutes. I’ve never done this before, so hope it turns out well. And doesn’t poison me.

When I’m ready for a fresh-tasting soup that reminds me of summer, I’ll boil up some pasta separately. Then I’ll add either pasta water or a bit of broth to the heating ciambotta.


After making the sunrise/sunset top with my handwoven I decided it was time to go further, to make myself some more clothes. So using a combination of a commercial pattern and some photos I found online of other handwoven items, I got out my newsprint and an old sheet saved just for this purpose and set to work.
sheet tunic from the front

I had to draft that sleeve 3 times and it’s still not perfect – my notches and center top absolutely do not match – but I can set in the sleeve just fine. I’ll make the real thing a little bit shorter, but am quite pleased with myself for getting this far on my own. Of course, I didn’t finish any of the edges or sleeves on this mock up.

sheet tunic from the side

I have 2 pieces of yardage I wove some time ago that I wanted to use. Of course neither is enough to make the garment. I could use one to make a sleeveless version, but with the cold weather almost upon us, that doesn’t make sense to me. I can possibly recreate the warp and weft of the other fabric and plan for that to be the next thing on my loom. I’m excited.

6 comments to New stuff

  • Your towels are lovely, I really like the color combinations you chose. The soup sounds like it will be tasty, I think you canned it the proper length of time. Test the seals when you open a jar this winter, do the smell test and all should be just fine. Your new sloper for the top is interesting, no darts? Did you make the quilt on your bed?

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks Thistle Rose! The jars all sealed well, but I’ll sure test that when I open them.

      No darts in the top.

      I didn’t make the quilt. My mom made the top and my sister put together and quilted. Aren’t I lucky?!?!?!

  • Alma

    The towels made up very prettily!

    Ciambotta looks good enough to eat – now or in January.

    The way you matched the pattern on the front of the top is WONderful. Good for you to make another thing for you!

    • Peg Cherre

      I’m happy enough with the towels.

      The ciambotta looks great to me. Hope it’s wonderful in January.

      I made no effort to match anything on the top, but did have the fabric folded when I cut the pattern out. It’s just an old sheet, just to make sure the pattern worked. It will never be finished to be worn.

  • Alma

    Correction on the quilt. I think Mom made it all herself?

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