End of week 2

Like everyone else in NYS, I’m staying home. Walking solo, as I always do. Had to go to the grocery store once, and I’ll be good for at least another week, probably 2. Could actually eat out of my cupboards and freezer for much longer if I didn’t run out of produce & dairy.

Here’s the bad news map. Monroe County released it yesterday. I live in the darkest part of the map – the most confirmed cases of covid-19.

coronavirus map

Do I think it really matters, that my life or restrictions are any better or worse than anyone else in the County? No. It’s just not a image that’s pleasant to see.

So what do I like to see? This adorable little face.

my dog Jack

I’d finished the majority of his haircut when I snapped this. His front legs remain to be groomed. He hates that, so we both take a break before I do them.

Then yesterday I got this TERRIFIC note from a neighbor I haven’t met yet. Before you see the note, you need to see what prompted it. I may have shown this sign in my yard before. I hung it at least a few years ago.

sign in my yard

Ok. So the sign’s been there for many months. I’ve seen people read it, I’ve gotten a few nice comments on it. But then this card came in the mail.

terrific note from a neighbor

This woman actually took the time to find a card, write that great note, find a stamp, and mail it! I am returning a card to her today, and can’t wait till we can actually meet each other in person.

On the weaving front, I decided I had to bite the bullet and sit in front of my computer for hours to post some work on my website. If I get responses I’ll post more. If not, it may not be worth my time to do the less-than-stellar photography and web design work. (I don’t really like and am not good at either.) You can see what I’ve done here.

collage of weaving thumbnail images

6 comments to End of week 2

  • marlene toerien

    Hi, we are in lockdown, we can only go out for essential shopping food and medicine. I love your sign, thank you for posting it!

    • Peg Cherre

      Where are you Marlene? We have about the same situation here, but we can go out for walks, only either solo or with the person we live with. Stay home and well!

  • I love your sign Peg. I was afraid you were going to show a nasty note from your neighbor as there are people out there like that, but what a wonderful lovely note you received. It makes me smile. I’m sure that made your day.

    We’ve also been under ‘lockdown’ here in Oregon with hopes of avoiding what’s happening in NY. Stay safe. Weave on.

    • Peg Cherre

      If it had been nasty, Cindie, I wouldn’t have shared it here – we all have enough stress & negative thoughts/issues, no one needs any more.

      My mantra is stay home, stay well, stay creative.

  • Judy T

    Despite seeing the map and understanding it’s implications, reading your post left me feeling uplifted. Love is Love!
    Love you Peg. Stay safe, stay well.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Judy. Love IS love. With hope, love, and following health precautions, we will get through this, and may even be stronger as a result.

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