The goose drank wine

Readers of a certain age will remember this song.

So what’s the relationship to my weaving? Well, I’ve finished 3, 6, 9 scarves since my last post! That brings my total for the month to 12, and it’s only the 18th. Woo Hoo! That makes a nice dent in my shortage (somewhere between 8 and 17), although there’s still a long way to go. I just received my acceptance emails to the 2 big shows I applied to, so work, work, work!

First I hand painted some silk in blues. Like the greens, I was disappointed with how much of the dye rinsed out, so the scarves are much more subtle in color than I was planning. Pretty, but not what I had in mind. I’m calling the first two faded jeans.

handwoven silk scarf - faded jeans lace

I had to show you a shot of one of them on a hanger so you can see how the light and airy the lace looks. The actual color of this scarf is much like the first one, not gray like it looks here.

handwoven silk scarf, faded jeans lace on hanger

This scarf has a dark blue weft, giving it a different look – stonewashed jeans. Interesting how different the 2 sides look, isn’t it?
handwoven silk lace scarf - stonewashed jeans

For the one above, I added some of the dark blue to the fringe, as I don’t like the look when the warp color (and the fringe) is so different from the weft color. It jars my eyeballs.

Then I wove 3 rayon chenille scarves with ladder ribbon supplemental/supplementary warp. Two of them have the same color weft, which is a taupe/gold color.

handwoven rayon chenille scarf with supplemental warp

For the third I used a much lighter weft, creating an overall camel look. It surprised me that I liked this one best.

handwoven rayon chenille scarf, camel

Here’s a closeup so you can see the ladder ribbon supplement.

closeup of scarf with ladder ribbon

Those three went so quickly that I had to weave 3 more rayon chenille with ribbon. This time I chose a color called chili – think deep, dark chili that’s been simmering for hours. Same weft as warp on all 3.

The first scarf has ladder ribbon, which looks all white in this photo but is more silver and gold in real life.

handwoven rayon chenille scarf chili, with silver & gold accent ribbon

Then I used a flat ribbon in variegated colors. Interestingly, on the loom this one looked rather dull to me. After finishing it’s my favorite for sure.

handwoven rayon chenille scarf with ribbon accents

Here’s a close up of that one for you.

closeup of scarf with ribbon

Because it looked dull on the loom, I didn’t want to use it for the third scarf, so I went with another ladder ribbon, this one in reds, pinks, and white.

handwoven rayon chenille scarf with red accents

And a close up. Somehow the bits of color seemed closer together on the ribbon to me than the silver and gold. In reality, those distances are the same.

handwoven scarf with accents, close

I’m putting on another hand painted silk warp on the loom right now. For wider pieces. Nice color on the silk this time. 🙂

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