Towels and gifts

I’ve got a run of 6 taquete blocks towels on my loom. Initially I thought they’d be for my stock, but then realized I’ll turn a few of them into Christmas gifts. I have time, right?

taquete blocks with pink weft

taquete blocks towels with a pink weft

Well, maybe. It’s not like I’m not making anything else. And it’s not like I’m not committed to hours of painting walls at my-daughter’s-house-that-my-son’s-been-renting, aka the flip house, starting tomorrow.

taquete block towels with gold weft

taquete block towels with a gold weft

And it’s not like I’m not doing a small amount of baking, too. Got 9 mini loaves of my grandmother’s recipe of date nut bread baked today. All of the bottoms are darker than I’d like them to be, so I may shave some of that off before I freeze them.

taquete towels, wine weft

taquete blocks towels with a wine weft

The towels use a combination of cottons, some 8/2, some 12/2. I thought the 12/2 was 10/2 when I wound the warp. Nope. So the towels are thinner than I’d usually make them, but c’est la vie. I’d initially sett the warp at 21 EPI. WAYYYY too loose. So I cut that off and re-sett at 24 EPI. That seems to be okay, but I haven’t taken any off to wet finish yet. It will be what it is.

taquete block towels, aquamarine weft

taquete blocks towels with aquamarine weft

That aquamarine weft is my least favorite. I’ll finish this towel, but won’t do a second one of this color. I really like the wine, so I’ll do a second of that. I did two of the pink, too. That will leave me one more towel. Who knows what I’ll choose for that weft? And who knows if there will be enough warp length for six towels after I cut off the first bit that was too loose?

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