Tencel painted warp

scarf giving impression of 3 dimensions

I’ve enjoyed taking close-up shots of my scarves on the loom lately. This one gives the impression of 3-dimensional hills and valleys. At least it does when it’s large, maybe not so much at a small size.

It’s the first scarf I wove on that hand painted tencel warp, and I used the weft I’d immersion-dyed for the warp a few weeks ago but decided not to use. It matched the darker blue of this warp very well. I liked it on the loom ok, but not so much in the finished scarf. Too dark for my tastes.

hand painted tencel scarf with immersion dyed weft

After that I had to cut and re-tie my warp. Not sure why I was having problems with it, but easier to do this than to fuss with it every pick for the rest of the length.

From my notes I knew I’d measured the warp to make 1 fringed scarf, 1 long cowl, and 1 short cowl. I knew I’d lose some length by the cutting and re-tying, so decided to do the short cowl next. Once I got this woven I’d simply use whatever length was left for the long cowl. So I picked a commercially-dyed tencel that was almost exactly the same color as the medium blue in my warp and treadled for Ms and Ws.

tencel Ms and Ws weave pattern

I really like the way the colors play together in this piece, and find myself liking these short cowls. Yes, there are fewer options for wear, but they are light and easy to toss on. Anyway, I do wish that the purple color had shown up again in the warp, but c’est la vie.

hand painted short tencel cowl

For the long cowl I picked a commercially-dyed red-violet that looked great when I held it next to each color in the warp. Interestingly, it turned almost burgundy as I wove it, using what I think of as my feathers treadling.

hand painted tencel with feather weave pattern

I’m happy with it, although I still like the colors best in the short cowl. We’ll see what my customers think at my next show…just a month away now.

long tencel cowl1

long tencel cowl2

2 comments to Tencel painted warp

  • All very pretty. I am sure your customers will have to spend a fair amount of time choosing. I know I would be hard pressed to decide. Of course they could always buy two! 🙂
    Pets to Mr. Jack. How is he doing?

    • Peg Cherre

      Jack is doing well. He’s lost a few pounds on his quantity-restricted diet, which was the point. Wish someone would do that to/for me! He looks good, plays more fetch, and seems to enjoy himself, as long as there aren’t any thunderstorms.

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