Wreath decorating

my wreath

my wreath hanging

Earlier this week my daughter and 3 of her friends came to my house to decorate wreaths for their front doors. We planned this well in advance, and I’d been collecting decorating materials for several weeks, as had my daughter.

Amanda's wreath

Amanda’s wreath

We had a great time, and despite their initial hesitancy, each of those women made a beautiful wreath!

Kristen's wreath

Kristen’s wreath

We started by tying our own nice, full bows.

Susie's wreath

Susie’s wreath

Then we tied and glued on everything from pine cones to curly willow twigs, hydrangea to dried grass heads, dried apple slices to dried rose buds, and lots more.

Liz's wreath

Liz’s wreath

One of the young women couldn’t make it, so the next morning I decorated the remaining wreath and delivered it to a friend.

Jennifer's wreath

Jennifer’s wreath

We’re going to make this an annual party!

5 comments to Wreath decorating

  • Judy T

    What a lovely tradition!

  • What a wonderful idea – I’m going to plan on it for next year, plenty to collect on our acreage as well as my friend’s properties.

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Judy & Cindie. It’s really fun to decorate wreaths, and I enjoy the early weeks of looking at plant material and gathering, too. This year the young women were so inspired and inspiring, and all said something like, “Oooh. Now that I see this, I have stuff I can bring next year.” I like being able to decorate a few, using different colors and materials, and may continue that next year myself.

  • Alma

    Good job, one and all!!

  • OMG, those are just beautiful! It’s been years since I did my own wreath and mine weren’t as pretty as those. Maybe next year, or maybe I’ll just use this as inspiration to do seasonal wreaths throughout the year!

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