Twill block towels

beaming towels with the valet
Somehow I can’t stop weaving twill blocks. The straight edges & the contrast in the colors, they just draw me in. Apparently others, too.

My daughter asked me to weave a few towels for her to give as Christmas gifts. Sure, no problem. I gave her images of 6 weave patterns from my weaving software, and she chose twill blocks.

Since each towel needs to be a different color, I warped in solid cream – actually it’s just natural/undyed cotton. It looks so boring as I’m getting it on the loom, above.

But look what happens when I add the colored weft.

twill block towel pattern

I decided to vary the size of my twill blocks across both the warp and the weft for a bit more visual interest. Took quite a bit of calculations to get the treadling to where I wanted to be in the middle of the towel. And a touch of unweaving when I didn’t end up there after all. 😉

Here’s a shot of both the top and bottom of the towel. The color in this photo, taken in natural light, is much more like real life.

twill block towels, up & down

I had to order the weft yarn for her other two towels. It should arrive tomorrow.

But I warped for six towels, not just the three she ordered, so I’ll get to play with other colors, too. In fact I’m heading to my stash now to see what turns me on for weft, then back at the loom. I do like weaving towels. They’re so quick!

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