Met the goal

EB's warp, 4 bouts

As planned, I got all four bouts of EB’s warp measured on Thursday, plus spent a few hours with my grandson. We stuck googly eyes on lots of things.
googly CD player

googly fireplace

googly dehumidifier

googly photo

Yesterday I got the warp beamed.
beaming EB's warp

Then I got the heddles and reed threaded. Today is supposed to be so beautiful outside that I may not spend much time at the loom. Especially since the forecast calls for rain for the next several days. I probably need to get some sunshine on my face, and maybe even do an early garden cleanup.

6 comments to Met the goal

  • LOL! I need me some them goggly eyes.
    I’m assuming you all resisted the urge to give Jack one…. 😉

  • Erica

    I love the googly eyes! Looks like a fun day! Can’t wait to see how the weft colors look with the warp! I hope you’re out enjoying your garden. I just got my asparagus pruned back last weekend and I am now starting on my berries.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Erica. I actually didn’t get out in the garden, but did go for a hike with my family-fun. And did grocery shopping-not so fun. Congratulations on getting out in your beds!

  • Amanda

    I think you meant to say hiking-daughter and son in law are the makers of bad decisions. Or at least refuse to learn a lesson in reading trail maps. The Googly eyes made me snicker quite a bit, as did Theresa echoing your suggestion to put one on jack.

    • Peg Cherre

      Not bad decisions, Amanda, simply interesting ones. We learn something every time. The googly eyes were a good idea, even if Jack didn’t get one. 😉

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