(Not so) trivial matters

Jack is eager

Where does the day go? Yesterday was so productive. Today? It’s after 2PM and I’ve spent all day on my butt. Doing things that are important and not fun.

  • Balancing 4, yes 4, checkbooks: 1 personal and 1 business account at the old bank, 1 personal and 1 business account at the new bank. I’ll be really happy when all my deposits go into the new bank and I can close the accounts at the old bank.
  • Making an appointment for an energy audit. It’s free and can only provide me with helpful information. I may or may not be able to implement their suggestions to reduce my energy usage this year, but I won’t know what’s recommended if I don’t get the audit.
  • Calling 2 roofers to get them to come out and give me estimates on replacing my roof. I may or may not be able to do it till spring, but again, I won’t know what kind of cost I’m looking at if I don’t ask. I’m going to have them give me 2 prices, 1 for shingles and 1 for a metal roof. I’m hoping I can do the latter. If these prices are something I can do this year, I’ll get a 3rd estimate just to be sure.
  • Talking to the really nice man from Birchcrest who came to look at my window. A pebble from the grinding clearly made a ‘ding’ in one of my studio thermopane windows. Birchcrest is used to dealing with problems and will take care of this one. (Sure glad I washed my windows yesterday or may not have noticed this for months, when it would have been too late to take care of it.)
  • Calling the window company that installed the relatively new windows in most of the house for a repair/replacement. One of the windows that I washed yesterday wasn’t just dirty, it’s clearly cloudy, and since it’s still under warranty, now’s the time to get it fixed.
  • Entering bills paid and checks received into Quickbooks for my business. How is it possible I hadn’t done this since May??!! So needless to say, a PITA to catch it all up.

Now I can FINALLY sit down at the loom. But first I have to wash those sliding glass doors!

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