Wanna help?

For many months I’ve known that there will be a period of time when, because of moving, I’ll have much easier access to my computer than I will to my weaving looms. That time is rapidly approaching.

I’ll weave the baby wrap warp I put on the loom yesterday, but I won’t put another warp on either the Macomber or my counterbalance loom. I don’t want to have to rush to get a warp off, or to worry about movers not being careful enough to move a loom with a warp on it.

So it’s time for me to do some more work on the computer.

I’ve had a website for well over a decade. It’s in at least its 3rd iteration. But I have hated the design and operation for many, many months. I just haven’t been able to spend my mental or physical energy redoing my website, or even updating it with information about my current stock.

Here’s how you can help: look around the web and find 1 or 2 websites by individual professional artists or craftspeople that you think are well done. Think about how clean the site looks, how easy it is to move around and find what you want, and whether the site makes you want to stay there and learn more, maybe even make a purchase. I’m talking about individual websites, not places like Etsy or multi-artist cooperative.

Once you have a site or two, contact me and let me know what you’ve found. It’ll be ideal if I can have your input in another week or so…that’s about when I’ll be starting my redesign.


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