5 shades of grey

JJ's warp being beamed

I’m so glad to be back to my ‘regular’ life. Spending lots of time weaving, listening to NPR or books on tape, being home alone. I know this would sound really boring & unpleasant to some, but it suits me well.

We’ve finally gotten some real rain – an inch yesterday and a bit more likely today. We really needed it, although not as much as the west coast, I’m sure. Anyway, between the rain and the cooler temps, I’m not able to mow the lawn for a few days. Trust me, this doesn’t break my heart!

So I got JJ’s warp measured and beamed, and I’m halfway through threading the heddles. I’ll be weaving later today, “God willin’ & the creek don’t rise.”

JJ designed her warp to be 5 monochromatic colors. In the photo above you may be able to see the distinction between the clear white on the left and the cream next to it. Then medium gray, charcoal, & black. It’s a great background for weaving.

This warp will actually have 3 wraps – 1 short and 2 medium. You’ll see 3 different color wefts and 2 weave designs as I proceed. Which is where I’m headed now — a weaver’s work is never done. 🙂

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