New Things

Let’s start with the loudest, and the cutest.

I was working at the Macomber late this afternoon, when all of a sudden there at my porch door was someone looking in at me and saying, “Hi! Let me in, please.” After a double-take, I realized I had a visitor.

I opened the door […]

Custom Rayon Chenille

One of the great things about custom weaving is that I get to experience all sorts of color combinations that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen. I’ve learned a lot while weaving the baby wraps, and this rayon chenille scarf for KW had lots to show me, too.

First, I had to use a warping paddle. […]

What a difference!

I’ve woven, wet finished, labeled, and mailed the custom baby wraps for MG & TA. They are SO DIFFERENT!

I’ve done wraps with different wefts and different weave patterns before, and I’m always impressed with how dramatic the change is. Here are the wraps flat.


I’m waiting for moms to continue with […]

The REAL Reason

This warp, weft, & weave combo is great. But……

…as I wove and wove and got the near end… What the heck?! OH! MY! GOD! It happened again?!?!

I measured and counted and counted and counted and counted again the number of wraps around that warping mill. The warp can’t possibly be too […]

I’m Loving It

I finished weaving MG’s wrap – black weft, hearts pattern – and started weaving TA’s – dark pink weft, zigzag pattern. What a difference! Although the colors are not at all accurate, the difference between the two is as striking in real life as it is in the photo – maybe more so.