I’m Loving It

Changing weft threads & pattern

I finished weaving MG’s wrap – black weft, hearts pattern – and started weaving TA’s – dark pink weft, zigzag pattern. What a difference! Although the colors are not at all accurate, the difference between the two is as striking in real life as it is in the photo – maybe more so.

I really liked the black hearts, they made the weft colors pop. But oh, that dark pink weft and the zigzags make the weaving sing!

Still, I didn’t get much weaving done today, only about 16″ all day. I did, however, get lots of gardening done.

I did my two buckets and then two more. I did what should have been done at least two years ago: dig out a large patch of creeping sedum that had been overrun with quack grass. Throw all the weeds and most of the sedum in the compost. Put some well-cleaned sedum back and cross your fingers. If it grows, it grows, if not, c’est la vie.

I went inside and did a bit of weaving, but I was at odds. Couldn’t get comfortable and in the groove. The beautiful outdoors was calling to me. So I went back out to the same garden area and did a major fall trim on my red hot pokers, pulling weeds between them. If my wheelbarrow was functional this would have been a heaping barrow full.

I think this garden spot may be done. I’ll look at it again tomorrow and see if it needs more work before I can bring in the mulch.

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