Sooooo Different

KM's warp to TA's warp

TA & KM are sharing a custom baby warp, both handwoven, but that’s where the similarities end. Completely different tie up and weaving pattern, color, and yarn. KM has a twilight silk weft in a simple zigzag pattern, TA has a deep purple cotolin weft in my standard hearts pattern. So the way these wraps feel and their total weight is like night and day.

I really wish I could have gotten a photo that showed you the color with something resembling accuracy. No such luck. But at least you can see how different the two custom baby wraps look.

Today I finished weaving TA’s. I got both wraps machine hemmed. Next I have to examine the wraps for any weaving errors and/or loose threads and needle weave them in. That will take some time with these two. I had a bunch of knots in the silk that I had to work around, and tons of broken ends in the floating selvedge of the hearts. I was breaking that end about every 5″ – ARGH!!! Then I finally got the brainstorm to double the selvedge – not another broken end.

After the needle weaving, there’s washing, drying, pressing, and labeling. And hopefully getting a decent photo of both them in natural light. Can’t wait!

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