Yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full

I had a coupon for 25% off my total purchase at Joann Fabrics, so although it was months before I need it, I took advantage of the sale and bought all the yarn I plan to use for the Richburg Community Weaving Project.

My choices raised some questions while I was standing in line, […]

Finished Towels

Today I pressed the finished towels and I’m tagging them for my show this Friday & Saturday. Some will be priced & sold as seconds. 🙁

Here are the 8 towels, matched up with their weft partners. Remember, I told you the differences are subtle.

Even close up, their differences are not striking. Clockwise […]

April Towels Bring……

…frustration, in this case.

After fighting with the warp to get it beamed, I fought with it for most of the weaving, too.

I wove one towel & had to cut it off & re-tie because the warp was so poorly tensioned. All will be well now, I thought.


I had to weave […]