Handwoven Towels

Some months ago I wove a whole bunch of placemats and a few table runners. They have generated approximately zero interest.

On the other hand, my handwoven towels have sold – not like gangbusters, but enough to make me want to weave more. The classic blue & white towels have been the most popular. I’d ordered a great red when I last winter and it took months for it to come in – guess it’s a really popular color. Since Christmas is coming I decided it was time to weave up some red & white towels.

I put on a warp for eight towels. I wove four in stripes…
handwoven red striped towel

…and four in plaid.

handwoven red plaid towel

I use Halcyon yarn‘s unmercerized 8/2 cotton for my towels and sett them at 18EPI. I know this is looser than some other weavers use, but I like them this weight. I’ve had some of my customers tell me that they are thirstier than other handwoven towels, and I think it’s because they’re are a bit looser – more surface area to soak up water.

While I hand hem my scarves and shawls I machine hem the towels, after they’re wet finished, using the magic walking foot. What a terrific attachment for a sewing machine. I hope whoever invented it made a mint – it’s beautifully simple and remarkably effective.

If these sell, I’ll weave more towels. I may even if they don’t – they make great gifts.

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