Missouri Loom Set Up

Lee has acquired a new Missouri loom, and like me when I got mine, has lots of questions about how to set it up. Also like me, she’s finding that there isn’t a lot of info available on it, so I’m trying to assist with photos. So many weavers have been so generous with their time and knowledge for me, I’m happy to do the same for others. I hope this helps Lee, and possibly others with a Missouri loom.

To use it as a floor loom, first you have to set it on its stand. The loom frame goes on the outside of the stand frame and the ‘butterfly’ nuts hold it in place. Here’s the front and back of the loom on the stand.

Missouri loom on stand, front

Missouri loom on stand, back

Now look at the left side of the loom (with the breast beam facing you) and you’ll see two bolts and washers. My son added the chain on the frame for me to keep it in place while I worked at set up.
side bolts on Missouri loom

You’ll see two hooks on the end of the bundle of lamms.
hooks on lamms

Slip the hooks over the bolts.
hooks on bolts, Missouri loom

Now you have your set of 4 lamms attached on 1 end of the loom and hanging on the floor underneath it.

Look at the right side of the loom and you’ll see the cords for the hand levers to move the harnesses.

cords for hand levers

I had to replace all the cords on my loom and after trying a few things, went with Texsolv for them all. This allowed me to have relatively infinite adjustments to all cords and eliminate a tied loop that had been on those side cords.

So now hook the cords from the other end of the lamms (away from the hooks on the bolts) to the vertical cords coming from the harnesses. Here’s a distance view and a closeup.
lamms to harnesses

lamms to harnesses, close up

You’ll see that the hooks look old and rusty. They are. I opted to stay with the original hooks since the were clearly strong enough to withstand the strain & tension needed for weaving. I knew I’d have to find a whole different connector if I used new hooks to achieve that same strength.

Once the lamms are hooked to the loom, tie them to the treadles and away you go.

Good luck, Lee! Let me know if I can be of more help.

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  • Sharon

    There’s a local contractor who just contacted my guild. He found 6 looms behind a wall. One of the photos shows “Missouri Looms” on one of the looms so I assume they all are the same brand. Would you please send me a photo(s) of one to reference? Thanks!

    • Sharon

      Forgot to say, he was only giving a week for someone to step up or they’re going to the dump! A few of us are looking for someone to store them so we can rescue them.

    • Peg Cherre

      Sharon – Am sending you an email with this same info…the photos in this post are all my Missouri loom. I’ll look to see if I have any more. I always say – if the loom(s) will be thrown out, TAKE THEM! You may need to use a few to make one workable loom, but free is good!

  • Shari Allen

    I have a Missouri table loom. The back break will not stay in place. When I wind my loom forward it will lock. The minute I throw a pick and then beat it it breaks free. We have tried everything. Do you have any ideas?

    • Peg Cherre

      Shari – Send me an image of the loom, specifically showing the back beam and brake. You can send it to me at peg (at) handwovenscarves (dot) com.

  • ellen b santana

    i hope you can find this, so many years later. i am going to look at a 20 harness missouri floor loom today. i would like to get a manual for it, but am having a trouble. there seems to be very little information on this loom. if you know of anything, could you please tell me. thank you. ellen santana

    • Peg Cherre

      Sorry, Ellen. As noted in my reply immediately above, I really don’t know much more than is in my post. Good luck!

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