Back to the Dralling Board

After those Tencel silver warped twill scarves I wanted to work with that silver gray yarn some more. I thought it would be perfect for that classic drall weaving pattern.

I loved the silver & gold twill and thought seeing equal amounts of the two colors would be great.
handwoven silver & gold scarf

In real life…not so much. There’s not enough contrast between the two colors, and for reasons I don’t really understand the silver gray is much more likely to look like gray than like silver. Hmmm.

My second favorite in the silver twills was the olive. So I tried that with the drall.
handwoven olive & silver scarf

Better, for sure, but still not enough color contrast to show the weaving pattern at its best.

Ok, move to navy. Now I must say here that what I think of as navy and what is commonly thought of as navy are clearly two different things. I think of a pea coat – so dark navy it’s almost black. Clearly that’s not what almost anyone else thinks of. I’ve gotten ‘navy’ yarn in Tencel, rayon, cotton, & bamboo, and all of them were much lighter than what I had in mind. Nice, but not what I expected.

Enough stalling, here’s the navy & silver drall.
handwoven navy & silver scarf

Much better contrast, even though the blue doesn’t send me.

Finally I went as dark as I could with black. This one is definitely my favorite in the set. More so in real life than in the photos.
handwoven black & silver scarf

I’m making progress, but I’ve gotta keep weaving to catch up with my needed stock numbers. As positive responses come in for shows I applied to I’m reminded that I can’t let up, at least not yet.

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