Since I haven’t posted in a week, today will be a twofer. And you may get more tomorrow, too.

When I received my latest batch of hand painted bamboo-cotton yarn, I got to see some of Tammy’s new colorways that I’d ordered. Some I thought were stunning, some verged on being too bright for my tastes.

I decided to start with one of the latter, a colorway Tammy calls Carnations. It’s the bright pink & orange in the center of this photo.

carnations yarn
Because I was concerned about it being a bit too much color, I decided to tone it down some with a stripe of burgundy cotton along one edge.

I measured the warp for three scarves, beamed the loom, threaded the heddles and set to weaving.

handwoven scarves, carnations

The first scarf I wove was the one on the top in the photo. I used that same burgundy cotton for weft. I like the way it shows the stripes, but I knew even on the loom that it would be a bit stiffer than I prefer in my scarves.

So next I used a solid orange bamboo-cotton weft Tammy’d dyed up for me. I find it interesting that with that orange weft, the burgundy stripe appears to be brown, not burgundy at all. Interesting what colors do when they play together, isn’t it?

Anyway, I really like it the orange scarf; in fact, I’ve worn it a few times. (It’s not as vibrant, in a good way, as it appears in the photo.) However, although I love them, my orange scarves haven’t been big sellers, so I didn’t want to weave the third with that weft also.

Instead I chose a bright raspberry bamboo-cotton. I was hoping it would be bright without knocking your eyes out of their sockets. I think it is. I also like the way the many other colors in that variegated warp show up.

All three scarves were threaded in a simple point twill, and treadled simply, too. I’m trying to remember that “simple pictures are best” saying, to make it my new motto.

After all that 1-2-3-4 threading & treadling, I wanted to weave something with more creativity in the weaving pattern, less in the color choices. You know I love to weave lace, so decided I’d try some larger blocks of huck, with alternating warp and weft floats. I call it a huck checkerboard.

I picked a lovely off-white bamboo and threaded up the loom. I wish I’d taken pictures of this while it was on the loom — to my eye, the monochrome warp and weft floats showed up better then than they have since. C’est la vie.

Anyway, after I wove one in solid off-white, I thought it would be fun to try one with a contrasting weft, and picked a medium-bright red rayon. Although the floats do show up much better, I’ll stick with the solid color, myself.

handwoven scarves, huck lace checkerboard

Before I even began weaving the red scarf, I decided I’d give it an added feature of an off-white border with ladder hemstitching. In the past when the weft color differed greatly from the warp color, I’ve found the fringe a bit unsettling – the color difference jarring to my eyes. So I thought the edging would not only make the scarf a little dressier, it would make a nice end transition from the off-white fringe to the red weaving.

ladder hem detail

Do you agree?

Your turn: Are you having any celebrations this Memorial Day weekend, or is it a somber time for you?

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