Rayon Rainbows

I was in a shawl mode with the silk & linen ones, so decided to make another handwoven shawl. I love my rayon chenille rainbow shawl so much that I decided I’d weave a shawl for summer weight. I have lots of colors of rayon, plus plenty of black, so I set up the loom and went for it.

handwoven shawl rayon rainbow

I love how well it drapes, and the sheen. For me, I’d still choose the rayon chenille. It’s chilly in the evening out here in the sticks even most summer nights. Plus, the colors in the chenille are much brighter. They weren’t on the cone – it’s a matter of the fuzziness of the chenille that stands up above the weft threads, I think.

rayon chenille rainbow handwoven shawl

Anyway, I’ve received several compliments on it. I put it in the Allegany Arts Association’s Fiber Arts show this weekend, and I think I have a buyer. Glad I made two.

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