Mohair Blues

While I was at the Letchworth show, as usual I was weaving on my rigid heddle loom. This time I chose two shades of blue. And since it’s a three-day show, I warped the loom for two scarves, figuring I’d have enough time to weave both while I was there. I planned on and warped the loom for scarves with checks of the two colors.

handwoven mohair scarf, blue checks

The mohair was working well on my rigid heddle, as always. But about 3/4 of the way through the scarf, I got an idea. What if I cut the first scarf off, rethreaded the loom, and did the second one as a log cabin? I’d never done log cabin with mohair, and these two colors had enough contrast that I thought it would work well.

So I did just that. Here’s how that scarf turned out after wet finishing.
handwoven mohair scarf, blue log cabin

I like this one, too. I am, however, amazed at how different the two scarves look. Same colors, same quantities of each color, but what a difference!
handwoven mohair scarves, blues

The checked scarf really is bold in its appearance. With just a glance in it’s direction it waves and says, “Hi! Here I am!” Conversely, the log cabin scarf is much more demure, quietly batting its eyelashes and waiting for you to notice it.

I like them both for their own beauty, I just didn’t expect this contrast in overall appearance.

Your turn: what’s surprised you lately?

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