Handwoven Hearts Baby Blankets, p2

I’ve finished weaving the baby blanket with the pink hearts…
handwoven baby blankets, pink hearts

…and started an aqua one.
handwoven baby blankets, aqua hearts

Liz asked for the draft, which I’m happy to provide. I’m actually showing three similar but different tie up and treadling patterns, with the threading the same simple point twill for each.

The first draft is how I designed it, requiring 12 treadles, if, like me, you want to do several rows of plain weave on at the beginning and end where the binding will cover.
hearts, draft 1

In the above draft, the tie up for treadles 3 & 9 is identical, as is the tie up for treadles 6 & 7. So if, like me, you only have 10 treadles, you can tie up your loom like this, once, and never have to change the tie up.
hearts, draft 3

While the above draft makes the most sense to avoid changing tie up at the beginning and end of each blanket, it requires the most complex treadling, so it isn’t what I decided to do. I used the following draft.
hearts, draft 2
Using this draft is the easiest treadling for me, and I simply change the tie up on treadle 9 when I need to do the area of plain weave. I did use floating selvedges.

I used a 5/2 pearl cotton for my baby blankets, sett at 16 ends per inch. Obviously, I haven’t yet taken these off the loom to wet finish, but believe they’ll be nice and soft and flexible next to baby’s skin.

When the fourth is woven (blue), they’re wet finished and bound, I’ll show you another picture of the four of them.

Your turn: got any weaving patterns you particularly like that you care to share? Or ideas for other patterns I should try to develop?

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