October Winner

Congratulations to Kathy S, who won the October contest. I’m sending the handmade bracelet, crafted from sterling silver, porcupine quills, and red jasper her way.

I’m hoping she’ll send me a photo of it on her wrist!

Be sure to check back soon – I’ll post the November contest in the next day or two. (I have to squeeze out a few minutes to make the prize first.)

2 comments to October Winner

  • One of the people in my life who makes me smile is my younger sister Rebecca. Of course, all my 4 sons and 8 grandchildre do too; and my new great-granddaughter Adelynn Allen just makes me beam – she’s 10 months old already but lives in Marietta, Ohio, which is a loooong ways away.
    My sister Becky has always been a wonderful friend, confidante, companion and inspiration. We are 12 years apart, I remember vividly the night she was born and my parents went to get the teen-ager who lived next door to babysit (her family were the only folks of “color” in our town) when Mom went to the hospital. There already were three of us and Becky was a “surprise” they said.
    Becky was special right from the start, because I was her main “big sister” and taught her all she knows. She went to Fredonia and Tennessee State, taught at SUNY Broome County (English)for over 30 years, has run in marathons, rode her bike from coast to coast, recently hiked the Mont Blanc trail and has a gorgeous daughter, Robyn Bennett. Robyn lives in Paris, is a Pilates instructor, sings, plays piano & trumpet, dances and had a major role in CABARET for 1 1/2 years.
    Becky is smart, kind, thoughtful, and doesn’t put up with any b.s. Throughout our parent’s illnesses and deaths, she was always there asking the right questions and soothing everyone’s emotions. Sometimes we have the same thoughts, speak the same words, breathe alike it seems.
    I have many close, wonderful friends, but Rebecca is one of the best. How great is it that she’s also my sister?
    (and we wear the same shoe size)!

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