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I was sitting at my computer desk this morning, entering the sales information from my weekend show, when I realized I was hearing a buzzing noise. And that I was hearing it over the moderate level of NPR bringing me the morning news. Uh, oh. That means bees are swarming again. Get up & go on the porch, yep, the air is filled with bees. Run to the kitchen & grab the new can of bee spray, run out to the porch and spray the advancing edge of the swarm to get them to find someplace else. Crap! Defective can and the spray is slopping around my hand as I shake it. Do it anyway, but pretty ineffectively, as the spray won’t travel far without being shaken well. Bees aren’t deterred and move up to my roof edge. By now my readers know that all the little specks in the air are bees.

I try spraying up the air, but this causes bee spray to drip down to my elbow. So all I can do is watch.

Bees gather on the side of my house, near the opening the resident swarm uses. Go back into house, grab another new can of bee spray. Spray the cluster of bees. Drat! This can’s defective as well, and bee spray again runs down to my elbow. I guess I’ll just have to accept the bees till spring. And return those two defective cans to the store for a refund when I head out to get groceries later today.

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