Four luscious shawls

I am very fortunate that I was not one of the 90,000+ people in Rochester who lost power last week. Both by kids and some friends weren’t so lucky. They were without electricity – and heat – from mid-day Wednesday till about 5PM yesterday. There are still about 8,000 people awaiting their power back, […]

Falling into rayon chenille

I got a warp for 2 rayon chenille shawls onto and off of the loom. I’m calling them Into the Blue. You can see why.

From left to right, I used up a bit of leftover handpainted Navy Black and then a bunch of handpainted Ocean Waves from Yarntopia Treasures. Then I did a […]

How does this happen?

How does time pass so quickly and deadlines that were far away suddenly loom?

Here I’m twisting fringes. 72 double-twisted fringes on each end of each shawl. Time consuming.

After busting my butt I got my pieces to the professional photographer, Tim at Pixelwave, on Thursday. Now I just have to put together the […]

2,500 picks

Every endeavor has its own language. In weaving, a pick has 3 components:

Step on a treadle to open a shed (moving threads up and down – presumes a floor loom; table looms are a bit different); Throw the shuttle, sending the yarn through that shed ; Pull the beater bar forward, packing in […]

I’m loving it!

I had a bit of tie-up issue at the beginning and had to take out about an inch of weaving and restart, but I am loving this warp!

amethyst to iris side of the shawl

So much so that I wish I could have warped for four shawls, not just the two I’ve […]