Weaving Rayon Shawls

Other than the Community Weaving Project, I haven’t posted anything I’ve woven in quite a while For one thing, I haven’t been weaving frantically, as I often do, because my slow sales have taken the pressure off me. I’m enjoying the slower pace. It’s given me a chance to relax a bit, do some reading, […]

Huck Patterned Shawls

I know I’m really short on shawls for the coming show season. I also know that shawls take more than twice as long to wind the warp, twice as long to thread the heddles and reed, twice as long to do the hemming. Still, I felt like I needed to weave more shawls. So I […]


Weaving is all about threads. Which threads go through which heddles. Which harnesses are tied to which treadles. Which harnesses are up and which are down. Make one little change, purposely or not, and the differences can be dramatic.

That’s what happened when I was weaving some cotton shawls. The results are fine, but […]

Weaving Lace

After Fire in the Hills I decided I’d go back and weave some single color scarves, adding more handwoven lace to my stock. I like the lightness of lace, its symmetry, and the fact that it seems so complex when it’s complete. I like huck and I like Swedish lace, using them each to achieve […]

Not the Same

You may recall that back when I was watching my grandson for a week I brought the Missouri loom with me, with a rayon warp already wound on the back beam. Without thinking about it, I had warped it with enough length for four huck lace scarves. In solid black. Black is clearly the most […]