Doubleweave Workshop

I spent Saturday & Sunday at a workshop the Southern Tier Fiberarts Guild sponsored. It was all about doubleweave. We had a small group – only 6 of us, so we were each able to get all sorts of guidance from Pat Edwards, our teacher.

Three of us were working on floor looms, three […]

I’m Weaving for a Nice Christmas

Like lots of folks around the country and around the world, I don’t have much expendable income this year. I’m struggling to pay my bills each month. So it was simply not an option for me to do my usual Christmas buying. Admittedly, I generally overspend, buying lots more than is reasonable, but not this […]

Lovely Grace

A few months ago some young friends had their first baby. A sweet little girl named Grace. In preparation for this very welcome addition to their family, my son ordered a custom baby blanket as a gift.

The mother-to-be’s requested colors were pink, brown, and green. To be honest, it was a bit of […]

Woven Baby Blanket, Part 2

Cotton flannel on warping board

From cone to warping board, I got the 360 threads measured for my cotton flannel handwoven baby blanket.

Next steps: tie the warp onto the back beam, thread the heddles, and thread the reed. (With 360 threads, this is a time consuming process, but if you don’t enjoy each step […]

Doubleweave on a Counterbalance Loom

My little loom

I have a vintage, handmade floor loom that I love. I knew very little when I bought it, and lucked into this loom that is just right for me.

It does have its limitations, however, as it’s a counterbalance loom. That means that the harnesses really have to be in balance. […]