Moving forward

If you’re visiting hoping to see photos of the gifts I made for Christmas, you’ll have to wait and come back. My visit with my friend got postponed so I’m still not sharing those and spoiling her surprise. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to show you!

I’ve continued to knit for donating […]

Knitting & nature

Yes, it’s now a bit over a week after Christmas, but I can’t yet share the photos of the gifts I made. I’ll be visiting a friend who will receive one this coming weekend, and can post all the photos after that.

Meanwhile, I was totally inspired by last month’s Evening Meeting of the Weavers’ […]

Heading for the countdown

If you looked only at the fact that I haven’t posted in a month, you might think I haven’t been doing anything. You’d be wrong.

However a lot of my time has been spent making gifts, and I didn’t want to spend even an hour of potentially productive time sitting at my computer and […]

Off and running!

My customers are THE BEST!!

I sold 24 of the 26 towels I brought to the Guild Holiday Sale. Since then (less than 2 weeks ago) I sold those two.


Because I sold more towels than I’d expected at the Holiday Sale, I quickly warped up my loom for another […]

I did a bad, bad thing

You know my commitment to using up my stash? Well I went to Daft Dames yesterday and bought 13 cones of unmercerized cotton. The four cones on the bottom are cotton flake, which is a thick & thin yarn that makes for great absorbency in towels.

What possessed me? Sales. That’s what. In the […]