Successful sewing

Back in November I took a workshop at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center. Called The Fit is Fine, this 4-hour workshop, taught by Val DeVries, was all about how to fit a standard pattern to fit your body. Since I’d previously had such disastrous results when working with my handwoven fabric, I was really […]

Decoration fun

Last night 5 women and I created wreaths from all-natural (ok, almost all natural if you’re going to be picky) decorations and a hand-tied bow. They are all beautiful! If I had taken the time to shoot them against a neutral background, instead of on top of the newspaper used to protect the tables, you’d […]

Halloween socks

I don’t dress up for Halloween, but last night I wove in the yarn ends so I could wear these brand new socks today in honor of the occasion.

Closing out September

I finished the month with 12 completed pieces – 6 shawls and 6 scarves; all in rayon chenille.

As always, reds are very hard to photograph. I struggled to get pix that I thought were reasonably accurate in color. I did a run of 3 scarves I’m calling Pop of Red.

There are […]

Learn by doing

Laura Fry, who I follow both through her blog and via Facebook, reposted this from Sophie LaBelle. I never heard of Sophie before, but google her and you’ll find her great cartoons.

Anyway, regardless of what you do, either creatively or repetitively, I found this story worthwhile enough to post again here.

While […]