Win More Free Stuff!

A cartoon of Margaret’s

If you’re like me, you love the chance to win free goodies. Particularly when there’s no scam, catch, or other drawback to entering. When the odds are as good as this, that only adds to the draw.

I’m not talking about my contest to win free jewelry, although I DO want […]

November Contest, Part 2

Ah, Turkey Day. In addition to bringing to mind all the reasons we have to be grateful, for most Americans it’s filled with traditions. As a kid, I have a few essential Thanksgiving memories: my mom getting up early to begin drying out white bread in the oven, later to be cubed, mixed with […]

November Contest

Although here in the northeast our gardens are pretty much done in October, traditionally November is a time of celebration for the past growing season. Thanksgiving is the culmination of this, and includes gratitude for many things beyond just sufficient food.

My November contest is in that spirit of gratefulness and abundance.

I made a […]

October Winner

Congratulations to Kathy S, who won the October contest. I’m sending the handmade bracelet, crafted from sterling silver, porcupine quills, and red jasper her way.

I’m hoping she’ll send me a photo of it on her wrist!

Be sure to check back soon – I’ll post the November contest in the next day or […]

September Contest Winner

Yeah, it’s taken me forever to post this. Sorry. Getting ready for 2 shows back to back, one of which requires me to clean my house thoroughly, has kept me really busy. Anyway…

Congratulations to Joyce, the winner of the September contest for the starry earrings! Check out her blog – Joyce takes some amazing […]