Off and running!

My customers are THE BEST!!

I sold 24 of the 26 towels I brought to the Guild Holiday Sale. Since then (less than 2 weeks ago) I sold those two.


Because I sold more towels than I’d expected at the Holiday Sale, I quickly warped up my loom for another batch of towels to put in my Etsy shop. I really liked the draft I’d used for those Autumn Beauty towels, and I wouldn’t have to change the heddles or tie up, so off I went with several shades of blue & green, using both color from my stash and my new purchases.

8 Sea & Sky towels

As soon as those were done I quickly warped the loom again, this time using a solid cream warp in one of my go-to drafts, twill blocks. I used a different color weft for each of the eight towels, again using both newly-purchased yarns and stash yarns.

8 twill block towels

I posted those towels in my shop on Wednesday morning and by Wednesday evening had sold 6 of them!!!

So although all the Sea & Sky towels are still available, you know as soon as the person who loves blues sees them, they’ll be gone, too.

I usually warp my loom for 8 towels at a time. It seems like a good number for me, as I don’t have time to get bored with the treadling or the colors. But today? Today I’m going to warp for at least 10, maybe 12. Why? I have a customer who wants 4 of them to replace towels she bought from me years ago. Her towels will all be in very similar colors, so I’ll want to liven things up and excite my visual cortex with very different options for the others.

I would have been winding that warp this morning instead of taking the time to write this post, but I’m sitting at the car dealer’s getting my 20,000 mile inspection. And my snow tires put on. So you’re getting a new post.

In closing, I finally got a new phone, after more than 5 years. The new one takes much better photos, especially of reds. Yesterday as I was getting ready to do my yoga I looked out the window and saw this beautiful sunrise. I just stepped out the door to snap this picture.

beautiful sunrise

9 comments to Off and running!

  • Judy+T

    Congratulations on all your recent sales Peg! It’s so easy to see why your towels are best sellers… we certainly love all the ones we have and the ones we bought as gifts for others too! I bet you’ll have a hard time keeping up between now and Christmas.

    Hooray on your new phone and on getting to see such a gorgeous sunrise this morning.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Judy. It makes me happy to be able to create and sell the towels. Now if I just had an outlet for all the scarves and shawls in my bins…….

  • All your new towels are great – no wonder you sell so many. I’m sure the blue/green ones won’t last long in your shop.

  • Alma

    Wow – the towels are flying away! That’s terrific!

  • Jennifer+Petschke

    Gorgeous photo, towels and success story!

  • Ellie Davis

    I LOVE your Autumn Beauty” towels, beautiful colors, appealing design, such nice firm “hand”, perfect for gift and one for me! Just bought another on your ETSY site last night in blues this time. Would it be inappropriate to ask if you wove these with 4 shafts–or does it take more? I am a fan and sure I will be returning. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thank you, Ellie, for your compliments and your purchases! I used an 8-shaft draft and loom to weave these towels. If you only have 4 shafts, I *think* you could do something similar, using 2 blocks. If you use, look at draft #61535. You’d have to work out the colors…it took me quite a bit of pondering and puzzling to get the towels to look the way I wanted them to. Enjoy!

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