Short & Sweet

I have to be quick. Somehow it’s already after 1PM and I haven’t accomplished much on my list. That’s your win, as I can’t ramble endlessly. Only briefly.

Here’s what I’ve been doing of late.

I now pick up my grandson at kindergarten 4-5 days/week so that he can avoid an hour-long afternoon bus ride. It seems like that shouldn’t take so much of my time, but it does. Roughly 90 minutes a day, but it forces me to stop whatever it is I’m doing and pay attention to the clock. And then him, of course.

I am once again doing texting for the Democratic Committee. There’s a few hours a week.

I volunteered to be part of a Phase 3 trial for an RSV vaccine. Mostly only a one-shot deal (pun intended), but it ate up a few hours of my time last week.

I got my Pfizer booster (YAY!), which put me on the couch for a day, just as the 2nd dose did.

Regular meetings & volunteer work for the Weavers’ Guild of Rochester and our management team for the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center.

A few visits with friends. How wonderful is it that I do that, even on a limited basis?!?!

Preparing for the Weavers’ Guild Holiday Sale.

And so many things that simply go through the day and week that seem minimal but take time. A few hours here and a few hours there and pretty soon the day is gone.

I did manage to finish the Zinnias towels (plus 1 Asters), and today finally got them uploaded into my Etsy shop. I didn’t take the time to also save them small enough for this blog, so you can see the closeups of each of the towels there. I still have to figure out how to put my shop on vacation for the few days that I’ll have a bunch of stuff in the Holiday Sale. I don’t want to even think about determining what will got to Etsy and what to the Holiday Sale, so this seems like the most workable solution.

8 flower toels

UPDATE: I listed those 8 towels in my Etsy shop yesterday and before the day was out a woman purchased 3 of them. Perfect timing with just the right colors for her.

And after way too many hours in the planning I got one more warp of towels onto and off of my loom. I’m calling these Autumn Beauty. Here they are fresh off the loom. I’ve subsequently machine stitched their ends, washed, dried, and pressed them. They are now ready for my hand hemming, then a run through my steam press.

Autumn Beauty towels just off the loom

I still have to steam press those zinnia & aster towels. The hours just fly by! Gotta run.

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