I did a bad, bad thing

13 new cones cotton

You know my commitment to using up my stash? Well I went to Daft Dames yesterday and bought 13 cones of unmercerized cotton. The four cones on the bottom are cotton flake, which is a thick & thin yarn that makes for great absorbency in towels.

What possessed me? Sales. That’s what. In the last week I finished and listed 16 new towels in my Etsy store. I have two left. That’s all. Sure, I happened to hit the colors and timing just right, but I was motivated! Inspired! Roused!

You saw the mostly orange and pink towels in the last post. They are all gone. Here is one shot of my all of my Autumn Beauty towels. Two of these are left.

8 Autumn Beauty towels

Add to that the fact that the Weavers’ Guild Holiday Sale is right around the corner, and every single one of my previously woven towels is going there. That’s 32 towels. I think last year I sold around 20 of my towels. While I don’t necessarily expect to sell that many again, I know I’ll sell at least some of them. (And some of the ones I’m bringing are, IMHO, not so attractive.)

Then, we have the holidays coming up immediately thereafter. So I wanted my Etsy store to be stocked with colorful towels.

So I can’t stick around here on my computer. I’ve got to go wind a warp!

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