Here and gone

Things sometimes move REALLY QUICKLY! On Sunday I posted my latest batch of Safe At Home towels on Facebook.

9 Safe At Home Towels

Don’t they look great hanging on the clothesline?!

Two of the towels were sold before I posted them – one to a friend, the other to a woman who’d seen the unattractive photo of the wad of towels just off the loom and wanted first dibs when they were finished.

Safe At Home towels fresh off the loom

By the end of Sunday I’d sold four more of the towels, then another one on Monday.

Today I sold the last two – to a woman who’s willing to pay the expensive international shipping rates to get them to her in France!

Clearly I can’t keep these towels in stock.

But I’d already decided that my next warp would be for circles. And so it is. I’ve wound the warp and will put it on my loom today. Here are the colors I’ll be using.

warp colors for circles towels

I’m thinking this warp will be called Finding the Rainbow. I may change my mind as I weave.

And I won’t decide if I’ll do another warp of circles or return to the Safe At Home towels until I’m at least halfway through weaving this warp.

6 comments to Here and gone

  • Alma

    Man, these are even more popular than you thought!!!

    We told you they are GRRRRRRRReat!

  • So happy for you that they’re selling so quickly. We must be on the same wavelength about our next warps. As soon as I finish my yellow/orange towel warp I have one planned in rainbow colors plus black.

    • Peg Cherre

      🙂 Cindie – I do believe we all need things that sort of shout “Happy!” to us at this difficult time. We’ll see how it goes. But I’m not worried…if my rainbow circles towels don’t sell on Facebook, they’ll sell soon enough. Of course, no shows this summer, and who knows if the Guild will be able to have our regular Holiday Sale, but it’ll all be fine, no matter what.

  • Alma

    I’ll bet your neighbors have fun watching to see what appears on your clothesline!

    • Peg Cherre

      I don’t often hang things other than my laundry there, Alma, but when I do my photo ops outside I occasionally get some appreciative comments.

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