More colors, more towels

17 of the 19 colors of yarn I ordered arrived on Thursday.

17 of 19 yarns arrived

When I saw it all, I gulped. I fear I overdid it. But it’s done.

This afternoon I wound the warp for another 8 Safe At Home towels (the squares within squares).

beaming the warp for more Safe At Home towels

I’ve already decided (thanks to a suggestion from a friend) that after this warp I’m going to go back to circles for at least one warp of 8. When I wove circles before, my warp colors were limited – usually 5-6 warp colors for the run of 8 towels. I think I’m going to make every circle (18 across the width) a different color. Although I may change my mind before then. Maybe I’ll limit it to 9 colors – 2 circles of each color.

Earlier today I took the photos of my crackle towels and posted them on Facebook. (Have you joined the Second Wind Fan Group?) I’m happy with them.

6 crackle towels

I wove each of the 6 towels with a different color weft. I also used 4 different treadlings.

turquoise, black, and smoked paprika towels

Unlike the last 2 batches of towels, all the colored yarns here are commercially dyed.

periwinkle, midnight multi, and purple towels

The Midnight Multi towel has a variegated weft with navy, purple, medium blue, green, and red-orange.

Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing any of my towels.

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