How I spent my…

…Tuesday afternoon.

Before: house-front-before

After: house front after

Although this color – Dried Lavender at Sherwin Williams – wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I really like it. It makes my house looks more like me. Since I plan to live here until I can’t live alone anymore, I am not concerned about what the next homeowner might think; I’m much more focused on what I like, what makes me happy. This was one more step.

I took the shutters down in the morning (with some difficulty as the old flathead screws were very rusty and I had to be careful not to strip them), then started painting at noon when my daughter and grandson left after their visit. I got 2 coats on the front door, the shutters, and the side door, and was putting things away at 5PM. Not bad for 5 hours work! This morning I got new phillips head screws for the shutters and put them back up in literally seconds per shutter.

A few days ago I also got some shots of recent weaving. So here you go.

You’d seen the flat black and white hand painted Tencel shawl. I turned one of the three into a mobius. A standard shot first.

black and whit hand painted tencel mobius

What happens when you turn it sideways? A slightly different look. If Dolly was larger than a size 8, it would be easier to dress her differently.

hand painted black & white tencel shawl

And if she had arms, even more so. Photographing my shrugs well seems impossible to me. So how the heck will I display them at a show? I have no idea and am hoping you have suggestions.

Here’s the first one, with a mostly cotton warp (the hand painted parts are a bamboo-cotton blend) and a natural cotton weft.
cotton & bamboo handwoven shrug

And the second, with a black tencel weft.

handwoven shrug

Since that photo doesn’t really show it well, I tried another way. Not better, just differently not-good.

handwoven shrug with black

I have two more pieces woven and finished, but no photos. Next post…

11 comments to How I spent my…

  • marlene toerien

    HI, I am now on instagram!

    I love your weaving!

    Marlene Toerien

  • Alma

    Busy? WOW!!

    I like the shutter color, too.

    I think you forgot to mention the overhang above the door, and the removal of some shrubbery.

    The weaving is terrific – the black and white is very impressive.

    How to display the shrugs? Got me there!

    • Peg Cherre

      I had the roof/overhang installed in the spring. Last fall I took out 2 big hibiscus on the right side of the door as they were just too big for the space. And my neighbor really wanted them, so win-win.

  • Look at you! The shutter and door color is lovely! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it smelled like its namesake? 🙂
    I’m with Alma, that black and white is stunning!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Theresa. I’m very happy with it. Scratch & sniff paint? Um, no thanks. Real lavender? Yes, please. I really like the black and white things, and they sell as soon as I have them done, so I’ll likely be making more in the coming months.

  • marlene toerien

    Ok I know there are quite a few people who don’t use instagram, but at the moment it is what works for me. I am also getting a facebook page. I looked into blogging but I am scared I will run out of stories.

  • Martha

    Love the new shutter and front door color – thistle lavender is the best ;-). Great new work, the black and white piece is outstanding.

  • We love the paint job on the shutters and front door. It’s something different and really jumps out at you when you are looking at it. It’s lovely to see the wonderful work that you do with weaving. Some of the girls here at the office love the black and white piece. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos with us. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to your weekend.

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