Little Audrey & me

Remember Little Shop of Horrors? Are you a fan of the original 1960 version or the 1986 musical remake with Rick Moranis? (The links are to Youtube videos of the Feed Me scenes.) When the original came out I was only 8, and my middle sister, who I idolized, thrilled in scaring me with Friday Night Fright Night movies. Truth be told, only 3 years older, she was often scared, too

In any case I think you’ll agree that this bud looks pretty scarily like Audrey Jr.

Little Audrey bud

After it opens part of it looks beautifully alien, too.
alien hibiscus stamen

As a whole, the hibiscus is a beautiful plant/small shrub. I planted 3 in the fall, and this burgundy one was the first to open.
hibiscus plant

Staying outside, I’ve seen some cloud formations lately that I found compelling. I got decent shots of two of them, the first one preceding a rain that we desperately need.
storm clouds

The second a shot of the evening sun casting gorgeous light on fluffy, cumulus clouds.
evening clouds & sun

And look – my first melon!
my first melon

On our walk yesterday morning Jack & I startled – and were startled by – a pileated woodpecker who flew from a tree only about 5′ in front of us. And landed for a bit on a tree only about 10′ further. I know the photo isn’t very clear, so I circled where the big bird is on that tree trunk.
pileated woodpecker

Nature is beautiful and amazing, isn’t it?

Next post you’ll get to see and hear about some weaving. 😉

4 comments to Little Audrey & me

  • Peg, Nature IS beautiful. Aren’t those Pileated Woodpeckers positively prehistoric looking?
    Glad you got some rain, we need some too but none expected until late Sept. or Oct. It is what it is. Love the hibiscus. So tropical looking. Not tropical but I keep meaning to try hollyhocks or foxglove….
    Pets to Jack!

  • Alma

    Isn’t it interesting, Peg, that your earlier correspondent sidestepped the issue of Friday Fright Nights?!?!?!

    Beware of the K!

  • Judy T

    Ha! Friday Night Fright Nites… oh how fun and oh how scary!
    And yes – your hibiscus buds do remind me a lot of little Audrey! Fun memories Peg.

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Theresa, Alma & Judy. Since no one other than my sisters will understand the reference, I’ll tell you that Alma’s comment about beware of the K refers to a high fever I had as a child. The fever induced a nightmare that the K (yes, the one from the alphabet) was chasing me. No idea where that came from.

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